About SAY Plastics

Founded in 1986, SAY Plastics is a team of innovative thinkers. When it comes to the design and manufacture of thermoformed plastics, we identify ways in which our customers’ traditional manufacturing processes can be improved through the creative use of thermoformed plastic.

We’re an ISO 9001:2015 processor certified in Design, Thermoforming, and Assembly and work in many industries with different types of customers – from small and mid-sized manufacturers to larger enterprises. Our unique processes combined with our experience and passion for innovation delivers big results regardless of customer size or project scope.

What We Do

  • Collaborate – we work closely with each customer from day one, engaging them through every step of the project. Early and ongoing customer involvement is critical to success.
  • Re-Engineer – of metal and FRP components and assemblies for thermoforming
  • Design – application engineering, product design support, value analysis, cost-effective tooling design
  • Manufacture – vacuum forming, drape forming, CNC router machining, fabrication and assembly

How We Do It

Over the years we’ve established unique, time-tested processes and approaches that ensure we always deliver a quality project to each customer. Here’s how we do it:

  • SAYtooling System – our alternative tooling process makes cost-effective tooling possible for new product development and start-up projects, as well as for low and medium-volume programs. The SAYtooling System has delivered 50% faster lead times for customers – with cost savings of 30% and greater.
  • ClasSAY global Surface Protection Solutions – includes products like our SAYshield and SAYpack material handling, protective shielding, and packaging solutions that provide Class A surface protection.
  • Unmatched Customer Service – our team delivers top-notch customer communication and service that takes the worry out of your project – before, during and after. It’s the only way we do business.

We care about customers who care about doing things different in order to gain a competitive edge. Contact SAY Plastics and we’ll show you how thermoformed plastics will deliver new, smarter solutions to your production floor.