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Why SAY Plastics?

We work closely with our customers to ensure no detail is left out. They have comfort in knowing their new project will be at the best value, delivered on-time and meet all their expectations for a quality product right out of the box.

Our Experience

Team of Innovative Thinkers

Founded in 1986, SAY Plastics is a team of innovative thinkers. When it comes to the design and manufacture of thermoformed plastics, we identify ways in which our customers’ traditional manufacturing processes can be improved through the creative use of thermoformed plastic.

Our Process

The Project Management Process

A real process, applying methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve successful project objective.

Define and Discover

Questions are asked to identify the critical requirements of the project. Too much information is not possible.


SAY Design Review team reviews documented information from Define and Discover to determine manufacturing feasibility as well as application needs. The collaboration step never ends.


A proposal is submitted to the customer with pricing, lead time, and preliminary design where applicable. A meeting is held to review the proposal in person or virtually.

Prototype Development

Tooling is designed and built per finalized tooling specifications to ensure finished product meets application requirements.

Prototype Testing

Prototype parts are produced and provided to the customer for application testing. Revisions are completed based on test results.

Production Development

Based on final design as result of success prototype testing, Tooling is designed and built per finalized tooling specifications to ensure finished product meets application requirements.

Validation – Production Release

First Article Inspection is completed and approved prior to the release of production.

open quote
It’s great working with SAY Plastics – they have quick response and produced quality covers. We were able to harness their expertise to fit our applications beautifully.
CT Imaging Equipment Provider Unveil New Innovations
open quote
The new thermoplastic venturi showed up in great condition and look wonderful. It’s quite satisfying to hold it up next to our old sheet metal venturi. They’re significantly lighter and much more aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for working with us on getting these parts made.
Matt Blaylock Venturi Success
open quote
From design conception to final product, it was a pleasure working with SAY Plastics on this project. They met our expectations with flying colors.
World’s #1 Confectioner Sweet Solution
open quote
SAY Plastics proved to be extremely resourceful with their ability to quickly develop new and cost-effective components. Throughout the years, SAY Plastics has helped us re-think components resulting in improved part-to-part consistency and reduced cost.
Daimler Bus North America Extremely Resourceful
open quote
Wow. Compared to our previous supplier, SAY Plastics parts are a night-and-day improvement.
Medical Diagnostic Equipment Company Wow!
open quote
These are already done? You guys are AWESOME!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GREAT "CUSTOMER SERVICE"!!!
Swimming Pool Manufacturer You guys are AWESOME!!