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ClasSAY global Surface Protection Solutions for Assembly, Storage, Shipping & Handling of Class A Surfaces

As a leading ISO-certified contract manufacturer, SAY Plastics is uniquely qualified to help you think outside the box when it comes to component and assembly protection.

Our innovative ClasSAY global surface protection solutions have a strong track record of reliable dunnage solutions for Class A surfaces, In-Service Damage (ISD) protection, and other surface-protection applications like SAYshield, SAYpack, and SAYlamination.


Our ClasSAY global capabilities also include custom Material Handling Solutions.

Global Reach

Customers around the globe trust ClasSAY global surface protection solutions to deliver cost savings, reduced waste, and other efficiencies when it comes to their protection solutions:

  • A leading North American motorcycle manufacturer turned to ClasSAY global solutions to cut packaging waste and reduce scuffs and scratches on a supplier’s shipment of chrome wheels. We created a custom material handling solution featuring thermoformed divider trays, plastic pallets, and protective top caps.
  • The #1 confectionery company in the world turned to us for their custom designed 31” deep handling tub. This material handling application required the tub to have the structural integrity to lift and transfer 1000 lbs. of candy.
  • Global automobile manufacturers have experienced substantial ROI from SAYshield products that deliver more effective internal material handling solutions.

Technology for Today

Since 2016, virtual 3D first articles have been the standard process for design reviews using ClasSAY global solutions. Using virtual first articles instead of physical first articles requires no tooling or wait time for sample production, saving customers substantial time and money – among other advantages. Take a look inside our process.

Connect with the SAY Plastics team today and see how our innovative systems can help drive down costs in ways you may not have thought possible.