To help customers gain greater product protection, improve efficiency, and avoid our need to outsource, SAY Plastics offers SAYlamination in-house plastic/foam lamination services.

Our automated lamination press, backed by an experienced design and engineering team, can help deliver a wide range of thermoformed protection components and “soft feel” solutions with faster turnaround, better quality, and lower costs.


SAYlaminate capabilities are far-reaching and customizable. We can provide laminated foam to the required sheet plastic materials, and then thermoform the  designed component for protection and soft-feel applications. A laminated material can also be used as a flat stock or a thermoformed foam laminate interleaf for packaging, material handling systems, and other foam surface requirements.

We can laminate sheets that are large enough to fully utilize the size capabilities of our thermoforming equipment, and we have the ability to laminate with a thicker substrate to provide increased structure when needed.

The versatility of our in-house foam lamination services also lets us create multi-layer components with varying values:

  • Thermoformed Foam
  • Color caps
  • UV caps
  • Foam liners
  • Urethane and re-grind layers. 

This ability to create multi-layer material systems within a single component is another advantage that our thermoforming plus foam laminating processes offer over injection molding.


SAYlamination delivers added value to our customers in many ways:

  • Greater flexibility of material choice
  • Ability to meet requirements for various material sizes, thicknesses and colors – even at low quantities
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times due to the elimination of outsourcing or a secondary application
  • Greater quality control over entire finished product
  • Greater efficiency and reduced costs in the form of lamination service, freight and inventory


A primary focus of SAYlamination centers around material handling product protection solutions that provide Class A surface damage prevention, including:

Applications extend to many industries:

  • Automotive
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Heavy truck
  • Construction and Agricultural equipment
  • Transportation – passenger rail and bus

Soft-feel foam thermoforming can cover plastic substrates, providing a warmer and more comfortable feel and appearance. A foam back provides good thermal insulation and noise reduction. And depending on the specified substrate, a highly rigid lightweight product can be achieved.

Examples of SAYlamination include:

  • A decorative partition or cover on an interior component for a bus, boat or RV
  • Engine covers and enclosures
  • Industrial equipment
  • Construction and agricultural equipment cab interiors

Connect with the SAY Plastics team today and see how our innovative systems can help drive down costs in ways you may not have thought possible.