Employee Spotlight – Nathan Baturka

Nathan Baturka, Executive Program Manager, joined SAY Plastics in September 2015. Nathan was hired to develop and grow our new division, ClasSAY global, which focuses on protection solutions. His primary role is to expand the company’s presence in the in-service damage (ISD market) in North America and beyond. ISD protection systems are designed and manufactured by SAY Plastics to help assure that part damage – cosmetic or functional – does not occur while a part or subassembly makes its way through assembly and shipping.

Nathan brings over 10 years of ISD-specific experience to SAY Plastics, having worked with a wide range of customers in countries as far away as Brazil, China and Germany. Within the ISD market, he has led international expansions and introduced innovative design applications that have significantly improved product performance and customer value.

At SAY Plastics, Nathan supports engineering, troubleshoots, defines solutions and provides experienced project management across many markets and products. With the high-quality work standards and thermoforming creativity of the entire SAY Plastics team, we are focused on expanding the customer base we serve under ClasSAY global and the ISD market.

The skills and service provided to our expanding industrial and transportation customer base over the last 30 years through the SAYtooling process and our project-focused engineering will continue to accelerate. With a focused ISD Team, SAY Plastics provides protective shielding development through on-site support and service to the automotive OEM market and ISD customers.

With Nathan’s guidance, SAY Plastics engineering recently introduced new product designs for the SAYcup suction cup and SAYlink attachment methods for ISD protectors. SAY Plastics also expanded the use of hover zones as the next-generation replacement for conventional rib patterns.

With continued forward thinking, the SAY Plastics team is currently developing a personal protective equipment (PPE) line of products. We are also developing an electrostatic dissipative option for standard ISD covers. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months as we advance these projects.

Learn more about SAY Plastics’ ClasSAY global protection solutions.

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