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20 Trillion More Killowatts of Electricity is Needed by 2050.

The Energy market is under tremendous change fueled by green energy initiatives as a result of climate change… whether it is Electric Vehicles (EV), EV accessories, or even building appliances.  These items are highly efficient and powered by super smart technology.  In the case of appliances, in order for these products to sell the innovation inside of them, they need to be stylish thermoplastic designed to UL specifications.  SAY Plastics designs and manufactures these solutions.

Examples of thermoplastics in Energy

  • EV Interior and Exterior Components
  • Charging Station Housing
  • EV Battery Manufacturing Material Handling
  • Heat Pump Venturi
  • Hot Water Heater/Boiler Door
  • Hot Water Heater/Boiler Housing

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SAY Plastics proved to be extremely resourceful with their ability to quickly develop new and cost-effective components. Throughout the years, SAY Plastics has helped us re-think components resulting in improved part-to-part consistency and reduced cost.
Daimler Bus North America Extremely Resourceful
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The new thermoplastic venturi showed up in great condition and look wonderful. It’s quite satisfying to hold it up next to our old sheet metal venturi. They’re significantly lighter and much more aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for working with us on getting these parts made.
Matt Blaylock Venturi Success