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SAY Plastics Announces Continuous Improvement Updates

Successful companies always look for new and innovative ways to evolve their business in order to stay competitive and ensure growth for their customers. Continuous improvement is a necessity, and SAY Plastics is excited to announce several recent updates to our plant operations and staff.

Facility Re-Engineering

After three years of strategic planning and analysis, SAY Plastics has re-engineered our facility with a new layout designed for greater plant efficiency. The optimized layout improves work flow between warehousing, machining, and assembly operations.

The new flow is centered around materials being delivered to the front of the building, with each subsequent operation progressing toward the back of the building.

The layout required the removal of walls and other various plant floor structures to create an open space that allows for efficient flow from receiving to the drying ovens, and onto the thermoforming process, assembly, and shipping.

Staff offices were relocated to the previous mezzanine area, with large windows installed for a clear view of all manufacturing operations happening below. The centralization of office space on the second floor also provides easy access to all team members and a great collaborative environment.

To support our commitment to sustainability and help minimize energy consumption, we have also upgraded our lighting systems throughout the plant.

The re-engineering initiative was led by our new facilities team with final enhancements still underway with a target completion date of late 2023.

New Work Cell

Contributing to our plant reorganization is the addition of a new work cell. SAY Plastics has invested in a Modern Machinery’s 3-Station Rotary Vacuum Thermoformer.

This new technology features the most state-of-the-art machine control system, and the latest in IR oven technology – a Quartz Heater for energy savings and rapid oven profile changes.

With three stations and quick-change clamp frames for faster setup, parts processing is 30-40% faster than a single-station shuttle style machine.

The new work cell is in full operation.

New Hires

The hiring of new SAY Plastics talent has been another critical part of our transformation over the past several months. We recently expanded our team with the addition of associates in our quality and engineering departments – welcoming a new production planner/scheduler, project engineer, warehouse manager, and continuous improvement specialist.

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To learn more about our recent improvements and what our team of innovative thinkers can do for you, contact us today. We’d love to leverage our expertise and the power of thermoforming to create a world-class solution for you.

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