Assemble, Store, and Ship

When you take advantage of SAY Plastics’ assembly expertise, your parts arrive ready to install. We will source, procure, and install all necessary components from hardware to decoration, relieving you of the need to deal with additional vendors.

OEMs save on labor, manufacturing space, and storage costs by allowing SAY Plastics to provide assembly as part of our value-added service. Our dedicated warehouse staff will work with your logistics team to warehouse and ship your parts. We’ll maintain inventory levels specific to your needs and ship when required.

We have also identified ways to save costs and reduce waste for customers who allow us to create material handling and shipping solutions for them.

In addition to our warehouse/storage capabilities, we offer returnable dunnage and can provide solutions that reduce costs associated with replaceable corrugated shipping materials. At SAY Plastics, we are uniquely qualified to help you think outside the box when it comes to shipping your parts and components. Ask us how we can help you drive down costs in ways you may not have considered.

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