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Improve Workflow, Reduce Costs and Minimize Parts Damage with ClasSAY global Protection Solutions

If your organization struggles with preventing Class A surface damage on your parts – whether in production, assembly or transport – then talk to SAY Plastics. Through our ClasSAY global service group, we deliver comprehensive surface protection solutions for the major automotive OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry.

clasSAYglobal-Final-LandScapeWe combine our thermoforming expertise and extensive application design experience to offer services ranging from design, manufacturing, prototyping and production to maintenance and recycling programs.

Our Customers

Automotive suppliers and OEMs around the globe have turned to ClasSAY global to gain cost savings and efficiencies when it comes to protection solutions for their Class A surfaces:

  • A leading North American motorcycle manufacturer turned to ClasSAY global to cut packaging waste and reduce scuffs and scratches on a supplier’s shipment of chrome wheels. ClasSAY global created a custom material handling solution featuring thermoformed divider trays, plastic pallets and protective top caps.
  • Leading global automobile manufacturers have experienced substantial return on investment from SAYshield products that deliver more effective internal material handling solutions.


sayshieldFor OEMs in need of more effective internal material handling solutions, ClasSAY global offers our SAYshield service. Our protective shielding solutions help you prevent in-service damage (ISD) so you can maintain your Class A surface requirements for all kinds of automotive applications:

  • Rocker panel shield – used during seat installation and entire assembly process as assemblers move in and out of production
  • Clutch cover – to prevent damage to motorcycle chrome parts during wiring and assembly
  • Console protection – during seat installation
  • Front fender covers on automobiles – to protect damage from assemblers and other components as they pass over fender during assembly


For companies looking for a more reliable way to pack and ship their parts or protect their parts while moving through the assembly floor, ClasSAY global offers our SAYpack service. Our team will work with you to customize a protective material handling packaging solution that saves you money and damage headaches. Examples of our SAYpack automotive applications include:

  • Custom handling system featuring thermoformed tray dividers, plastic pallets and top caps to protect chrome wheels being transported to motorcycle assembly plant
  • Collapsible Returnable System for transport of custom manufactured thermal management heat pipe assemblies from the vendor to the OEM

ClasSAY global can help you get started on your Class A surface protection solution today. Contact us to find out how.