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Environmental Commitment

Making Measurable Progress to a Future of Sustainability

Making Measurable Progress to a Future of Sustainability

As the world faces growing environmental challenges, SAY Plastics recognizes the importance of protecting the planet on both a local and global scale. We also know it’s simply the right thing to do. Through our daily human actions, product development processes, and continuous improvement, we’re committed to considering the environmental aspects of everything we do and making progress toward a sustainable future.


To reduce the environmental impact of our manufactured thermoformed products and to achieve 99.9% recyclability of materials, SAY Plastics recently invested in new plastic granulator equipment for the grinding of TPO biproducts as well as cardboard and metals. Besides expanding our ability to reprocess materials, the granulator enables us to use less packaging materials to move biproducts and reduce fuel consumption for biproduct transport.


Future process improvements that will take our sustainability practices to the next level include investing in additional granulators and reconfiguring our production floor to automate certain manufacturing processes and bring even more efficiency to our plastics recycling efforts.

FAQs About Plastic

Yes, almost all thermoplastic products can be recycled.   Thermoplastics harden once cooled and do not show any changes in chemical property after being heated and cooled multiple times, making them easily recyclable.

Yes, during the product development phase these sourced materials can explored and defined as they meet product specification.

Yes, recycle symbols can be permanently formed into products.