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Mass Transit

About SAY Plastics

Re-Think, Re-Engineer, RESULTS

Many Mass Transit parts are metal or FRP, let us re-engineer your metal or FRP parts into a thermoformed part.  Our experience in converting a part to thermoforming will yield the following results:

  • Cost savings
  • Part weight savings
  • Improved Aesthetics
  • Clean edges for safe handling
  • FST material expertise
  • Complete assembly services available

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Masters of Conversion

We can transform your rail or bus parts from outdated fiberglass or metal to sleek and attractive thermoplastic components.  We helped this rail customer in just 4 weeks!  This 4 week lead time included reverse engineering a fiberglass part since this project was very dated there was no CAD or prints to use for the current re-design, new tool creation, first article submission and finished product release.  Contact us today to explore the options to transform your parts and provide a quick solution.

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Fast Turnaround
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open quote
The new thermoplastic venturi showed up in great condition and look wonderful. It’s quite satisfying to hold it up next to our old sheet metal venturi. They’re significantly lighter and much more aesthetically pleasing! Thanks for working with us on getting these parts made.
Matt Blaylock Venturi Success
open quote
Wow. Compared to our previous supplier, SAY Plastics parts are a night-and-day improvement.
Medical Diagnostic Equipment Company Wow!
open quote
It’s great working with SAY Plastics – they have quick response and produced quality covers. We were able to harness their expertise to fit our applications beautifully.
CT Imaging Equipment Provider Unveil New Innovations