Gain Your Competitive Edge Through Thermoforming

Welcome to SAY Plastics. Since 1987, our company has leveraged the power of thermoforming to create plastic components and protective packaging solutions for customers all over the world. Our industry experience, combined with the time-tested thermoforming method, makes us a smart choice for companies that are looking to save time and money when it comes to their parts and protection solutions.

You may not realize it (yet), but thermoforming has many advantages over other manufacturing processes:

  • Thermoforming is a proven, time-tested manufacturing method.
  • It can deliver big savings in terms of tooling time and cost.
  • Thermoforming provides flexible design solutions not possible with other processes
  • Thermoforming provides solutions through unique material options.
  • It’s a viable conversion solution for all types of FRP and steel parts and applications.
  • Thermoplastic is lightweight, durable and has great part-to-part consistency.
  • It can be a very economical option for low/medium volume programs.

As an ISO 9001:2015 contract manufacturer, quality and innovation is at the core of everything we do. From OEM parts and components to our ClasSAY global surface protection solutions, see what SAY Plastics can do for you.


Re-Think to find a better way

Are you using the right material to manufacture your parts and components? Is there a better way to develop tooling? Are there better ways to handle product during and after manufacturing? SAY Plastics can analyze and re-think your processes to identify time, cost and material savings. Learn more in our case study for the food industry.

Re-Engineer for a better solution

When SAY Plastics re-thinks and re-engineers our customers’ components with material and tooling options, we are always committed to quality. That commitment is prominently displayed throughout our 40,000 square foot facility and is backed by our ISO certification. Learn more about our ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Results for our customers

SAY Plastics is a proven partner that has delivered results to many customers throughout North America and Europe. We’re always eager to collaborate with new customers and seek ways to use thermoformed plastic to help improve their operations through reduction of waste and improved production flow. Review our case studies.

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Case Studies

Life Science Industry

Metal to Plastic Conversion Drives Big Savings, Better Performance for Lab Equipment Manufacturer

Energy Industry

For this project, SAY Plastics worked with Intellihot, a U.S. energy company that manufactures tankless water heating systems.

Food Industry

For this project, our team worked with the #1 confectionary company in the world

Recreation Industry

SAY Plastics Delivers the Need for Speed to the Recreation Market

Entertainment Industry

SAY Plastics Supports Larger-Than-Life Video Project for Entertainment Industry


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