SAY Plastics Invests in Project Efficiency with SAYlamination

To provide our customers greater efficiency by avoiding our need to outsource, SAY Plastics and our ClasSAY global group have invested in automated lamination technology.

Our SAYlamination service is backed by our expert design and engineering team and delivers a wide range of thermoformed protection solutions with faster turnaround, better quality and lower costs.

SAYlamination is far-reaching and customizable. Here’s how:

  • SAYlamination can provide laminated foam to your required sheet plastic materials for a wide range of custom protection products and material handling solutions.
  • Our foam lamination also can provide added sound-deadening insulation for many component applications.
  • Material can be used as a flat stock or thermoformed interleaf.
  • We can laminate sheets large enough to fully utilize the size capabilities of our thermoforming equipment and can laminate to thicker substrates for heavy-duty protection equipment.
  • SAYlamination also offers the ability to create multi-layer material systems within a single component – just one of the many advantages of thermoforming over injection molding.

Many Applications
SAYlamination is highly customizable for many industries. We can meet requirements for a variety of sizes, thickness and colors – even at low quantities.

Some of the industries that benefit from our lamination services include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Ag Equipment
  • Heavy Truck
  • Passenger Rail
  • Bus Transportation

To see how else SAYlamination delivers value, visit our ClasSAY global website. ClasSAY global is a service group of SAY Plastics which delivers comprehensive Class A surface protection products to major automotive OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry.

To request a free consultation or quote, click here.

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SAY Plastics Launches New Website for ClasSAY global Service Group

SAY Plastics has announced the launch of a new website focused on our ClasSAY global service group –

ClasSAY global delivers comprehensive Class A surface protection products to transportation industry OEMs, their suppliers, and other manufacturing. These products and concepts have application opportunities across all industries providing support to Lean Manufacturing.

The new website highlights our latest innovations and capabilities that have produced cost-saving, high-quality solutions for customers around the world:

  • ISD products: From exterior and interior applications including fenders, seats and consoles to transportation applications like dunnage and racking
  • SAYcup: 100% compatible suction cup design for Class A surfaces. Request your free sample – no purchase is required.
  • SAYpack: Get a more reliable way to pack and ship your parts and erase in-system damage issues.
  • SAYlamination: Our in-house lamination services deliver a wide range of thermoformed protection solutions with faster turnaround and better quality.

We invite you to explore the new website and share your feedback. If you have questions, please contact us. Or request a Free Consultation and see how ClasSAY global can help solve your Class A surface protection challenges.

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SAY Plastics Announces New Hires

SAY Plastics recently announced the hiring of two new employees – Brian Fink and Todd Chrismer.

Brian Fink has joined the company as Account Manager. His role is to support our continued business growth. With a decade of experience in the thermoforming industry, Brian has held the role of Quality Manager, managed large OEM accounts and led many new product development initiatives that have driven innovative solutions, system/process improvements and client cost savings. Brian holds several degrees and industry certifications including a certificate for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, and certifications from the American Society for Quality (ASQ). He also has a specialized degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design from York Technical Institute and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Indiana Institute of Technology.

Todd Chrismer has been hired as Plant Manager. He brings over 25 years of thermoforming experience to SAY Plastics and is responsible for overseeing all plant operations and our personnel in production, shipping & receiving, maintenance, tooling and CNC. Todd has attained industry certifications including a certificate for Heavy Gauge Thermoforming from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. From thermoforming machine operator to thermoforming plant manager, Todd has worked in various positions over the years, giving him valuable expertise in 5S and Kaizen methodologies, value stream mapping, tooling engineering, work cell layout development and quality control planning. He has also completed many training sessions in Lean Manufacturing and has applied those principals to the plant floor with great success and a high degree of customer satisfaction.

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ClasSAY global – Delivering Class A Surface Protection Around the World

Automotive News ( recently published a feature article about BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, which was established as the first North American plant for the German automaker 25 years ago. Today, Spartanburg is home to the company’s largest assembly operation in the world – having produced over 400,00 vehicles last year.

ClasSAY global, a service group of SAY Plastics, works with major automotive suppliers and OEMs around the globe to design and produce protective packaging and protective shielding, as showcased in the BMW article feature photo.

Read the full Automotive News piece here.

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3D Technology Comes to SAY Plastics

With a focus on continuous improvement, SAY Plastics recently acquired three-dimensional (3D) printing technology at our manufacturing facility in McSherrystown, PA. Since adding 3D printing to our list of capabilities, our engineering teams have successfully made this technology an integral part of our product development and manufacturing processes.

3D Printing Defined

So what exactly is 3D printing? It’s an additive manufacturing process that creates objects one layer at a time, growing parts out of thousands of layers depending on the object’s size. While 3D printing is commonly used for prototyping and tooling, it’s still in the innovation stage for production applications. But the 3D printing process can produce extremely complex parts without tooling and reduce lead times and costs for the right type of component. And 3D printing can be a smart manufacturing alternative when high production volumes aren’t needed.

SAY Plastics’ Investment

SAY Plastics adopted 3D printing in December 2016. When we invested in the technology, our exact uses for the printer weren’t yet realized. But the decision to add the capability came down to our desire to bolster the re-engineering and innovation processes that have fueled our company’s growth in recent years.

Within short order, the SAY engineering team had the printer humming along – producing parts and components that otherwise might have been outsourced or added to our traditional internal toolmaking schedule. Adding 3D technology provides us with a valuable resource that increases our available technical skills, flexibility and capacity.

Examples of 3D Applications

One example of a tooling application using 3D printing is creating plug assists to provide improved material distribution when addressing a challenging draw ratio. Plug assist tooling can help stabilize the repeatability of the thermoforming process. It does this by aiding material distribution and allowing the thinnest possible starting gauge thickness – ensuring maximum detail and temperature optimization and reducing overall costs.

The plug assists that SAY Plastics produces using 3D technology provides greater design freedom and faster product development.

Four corner plug assist components

Four corner plug assist components

Another example of a 3D printed component is a mounting bracket bonded to a thermoformed door assembly for a new generation of commercial industrial tankless hot water heaters. This door assembly required a lightweight, highly aesthetic solution.

The customer originally planned to purchase fabricated steel door structures from China, but due to urgent timing needs and a desire for lightweight and higher cosmetic features, they went with thermoformed assemblies produced by SAY Plastics.

A critical element of the design and development challenges of this project included meeting the project’s expedited timeline, which included in-house responsibility for the LED touch screen mounting bracket component design and supply. For that bracket component challenge, SAY Plastics turned to their 3D printing resource.

This is an excellent example of where 3D printing provides added value to the thermoforming processor. In the end, SAY Plastics delivered the solution that was sought by the end customer – a lightweight door with highly cosmetic design features, and expedited delivery.

Bracket (black component) assembled on door

Bracket (black component) assembled on door

3D Printing and the SAYtooling System

3D technology has proven to be the perfect partner to the SAYtooling System – SAY Plastics’ innovative approach to tooling development. With this corporate-branded tooling system delivering a highly effective solution, SAY Plastics offers a cost-effective entry for new product development, start-up projects, and low/medium volume programs. 3D printing compliments the SAYtooling System in its ability to provide customers with low-cost solutions and minimal lead times to support new product development and small production runs.

Big Results

To date, 3D printing has been a success story for SAY Plastics. It’s an integral part of our product development and the ongoing manufacturing processes that meet our customers’ needs for prototypes and assembly components.

Our current 3D printer has a build area of 11.6” x 7.7” x 6.5”. Our printing materials are ABS and PLA. We foresee purchasing additional printers in order to offer larger size capabilities and increase production. Stay tuned as we continue to explore this exciting technology.

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SAY Plastics Celebrates 30th Anniversary with Central Penn Business Journal

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of SAY Plastics. To help commemorate the achievement, the company was recently featured in the Central Penn Business Journal’s Milestones publication. The special supplement showcases 26 local companies that are celebrating anniversaries ranging from 4 years in business to 150 years in business.

SAY Plastics has come a long way since opening its doors in November 1986. The two self-starters who began SAY Plastics had just two local clients. Today, the ISO-certified contract manufacturer works with over 100 clients worldwide including Harley-Davidson, Inc., Honda, Schindler Elevator Corp, and companies in the rail transportation and bus markets. SAY Plastics has expanded its services throughout the years and in 2015 launched its ClasSAY global service group which provides assembly solutions for automotive manufacturers.

To read the full Milestones story for SAY Plastics, click here.

A digital copy of the entire 2017 Milestones issue is available here.

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SAY Plastics Hires Vice President of Business Development

SAY Plastics announced that Erich P. Kaintz has been hired as Vice President of Business Development. The newly created position will bring greater focus to new business acquisition and development for SAY Plastics and their ClasSAY global service group.

Kaintz brings 18 years of experience to the SAY Plastics organization in the areas of thermoforming engineering, application evaluation, value analysis, materials, and tooling design and development.

Prior to joining SAY, Kaintz was Senior Engineer at Brentwood Industries in Reading, PA. During his career, he also served as Heavy Gauge Sales Development Manager and Product Line Manager for Transportation & Custom Solutions. Kaintz was responsible for a 50% product line growth with a significant portion spurred through heavy truck interior conversions from sheet metal and injection molded components to thermoforming.

“We are excited to have Erich on board as SAY Plastics’ Vice President of Business Development. His extensive background in engineering and sales development, combined with his passion for the thermoforming industry, makes him a great addition to our organization,” shared Louis Smith, President and CEO of SAY Plastics.

Kaintz holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Millersville University and Project Management Certification from Penn State University and the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.

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ACEDC Announces SAY Plastics is Recipient of Ben Franklin Technology Partners Funding

SAY Plastics was recently awarded one of 11 investments by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Central and Northern PA Region, in order to penetrate a new market: providing affordable thermoformed plastic parts utilizing new technology for the transportation industry. The component pictured here is a window mask being produced for Chicago’s Metra commuter rail system.

Adams County’s SAY Plastics is one of eleven Pennsylvania companies receiving funding and services from Ben Franklin Technology Partners (BFTP), a state initiative that supports emerging tech-based companies and existing manufacturers seeking diversification in innovating ways.

Ben Franklin’s funding came about as a result of a referral by Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), Gettysburg. Previously, ACEDC financed two Small Business First loans to SAY Plastics.

SAY Plastics will receive funding to pursue a new market—the transportation industry—and carve out a new niche by re-engineering replacement parts for railcars, trucks and buses. Traditionally, transportation parts have been composed of metal and fiberglass materials; SAY Plastics is utilizing a new approach—their customized SAYtooling system—to design thermoformed, cost-effective plastic components.

“We salute SAY Plastics for their innovation and vision,” said ACEDC President Robin Fitzpatrick. “SAY Plastics is at the forefront of Adams County’s growing tech and plastics industry, taking advantage of our strategic location along the Mason Dixon Line with easy access to major U.S. markets, as well as our dedicated workforce, and excellent quality of life.”

Ben Franklin’s funding will allow SAY Plastics, founded in 1986, to add several new positions in order to pursue new clients in the transportation and other industries.

“In order for us to acquire new business, we need to find innovative ways to get involved in the marketplace,” said SAY Plastics Vice President and General Manager Ron Staub. “As a result, we have perfected the process of making parts with alternative tooling—converting existing materials to plastics, and Ben Franklin thought it was a viable project.”

“Their investment in the form of a loan without collateral provides a way for SAY Plastics to move into the market faster by expanding our marketing and adding a design engineer to further build our engineering capacity,” Staub said.

BFTP generally funds 30-36 projects annually within the 32-county territory of Central and Northern Pennsylvania. BFTP Director of the South Central Region Richard Heddleson says several factors made SAY Plastics’ application stand out.

“We’re looking to invest in companies that are innovating with technology and will create jobs in Pennsylvania—that’s the common thread. One of the important things about SAY Plastics is the strength of the management team. We felt confident that they would execute on their plan and that a significant number of jobs would be created in Pennsylvania as a result,” said Heddleson.

ACEDC, Gettysburg, PA, is a private, 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit organization incorporated in 1989 as a result of a task force initiated by Adams County business leaders. The corporation is governed by a board of director comprised of many local and regional community leaders from all sectors of industry. ACEDC’s mission is to improve the economy of Adams County while preserving and enhancing the quality of life by formulating, implementing and promoting economic development strategies for sustained investment and employment opportunities in Adams County. For more information, see

About BFTP
BFTP, one of the nation’s longest-running technology-based economic development programs, is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development, with four regional headquarters positioned throughout the state. The program’s goal is to accelerate technology development and commercialization in the state of Pennsylvania, and to create high-paying, sustainable jobs for Pennsylvanians. For more information, see

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Project Spotlight – Thermoplastic Bathroom System

SAY Plastics and its ClasSAY global service group have a long-standing reputation for delivering proven thermoformed plastics solutions across many diverse markets and applications. One such thermoforming solution we had the opportunity to collaborate on was an innovative bathroom fixture system designed for disabled individuals who are living at home.

Collaborating with a thermoplastic sheet manufacturer and the creator of the patented bathroom system, SAY Plastics manufactured the customizable bathing product. The system is made from a thermoplastic alloy sheet and consists of nine formed parts. The main feature is a shower bench assembly that combines the seating area for both the toilet and shower into one convenient space. The alternative tooling methods offered by SAY Plastics through their SAYtooling System provided high-quality cosmetic parts within a manageable tooling budget.

The application for this innovative thermoformed bathroom system not only demands reliability and solid performance, but also gives disabled individuals and their caregivers a greater amount of space and functionality they did not have prior to the bathroom system installation.

You can read more about this project here. If your company has a similar project in the works that you’d like to discuss, contact SAY Plastics by phone or email anytime.

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Supply Chain Savings

SAY Plastics Inc. successfully developed dunnage to protect various high-cost cosmetic parts during shipment from vendors to a leading motorcycle manufacturer. SAY Plastics’ solution saved vendors money not only from rejected parts, but also by eliminating corrugated packaging, bubble wrap, and the labor previously used to package the parts.

How can SAY Plastics reduce your costs with thermoformed plastic? Call 717-633-6333 to discuss your needs. A no-obligation plant-floor analysis is available to qualified businesses. Call or email

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