Thermoforming Plastic: Today’s Solution for OEMs

say-thermoformingEnergy and the economy present an added burden for OEMs; find today’s solutions at SAY Plastics. Equipment manufacturers use thermoformed plastics to reduce costs, enhance appearance, and provide long-lasting benefits over the life of the product.

Cost Saving Benefits with Thermoforming

    • Parts Consolidation; Thermoforming makes it possible to consolidate parts, which in turn reduces assembly costs.
    • Eliminate Paint; Thermoformed plastics are available in a wide variety of colors and textures. If painting is required, most thermoformed plastics offer good paint adhesion.
    • Lower Tooling Costs; Thermoforming tooling costs are less than most other parts supply options.
    • Cost Efficient; Thermoforming can generate large plastic parts at a lower overall cost than steel, aluminum, or fiberglass reinforced plastic.
    • Durable; Thermoformed plastics are more durable than alternative materials.

Performance Benefits with Thermoforming

  • Design Flexibility: Manufacturers enjoy greater design flexibility and more styling options with thermoformed plastic parts.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Plastic parts resist corrosion and perform well in varying temperature.
  • High Impact: Studies show plastics have good impact resistance, and with proper design can absorb up to twelve times more crash energy than steel.
  • Quick Turn-around: Thermoforming can cut lead times for design and assembly.
  • Reduced Weight: Theroformed plastic parts are lightweight, offering significantly reduced part weight when compared to steel or fiberglass.

Environmental Benefits with Thermoforming

  • Recyclable: Most plastics used in manufacturing today are recyclable.
  • Fuel Savings: Using plastic parts in vehicle manufacture produces fuel savings without compromising safety.