SAY Plastics Successfully Completes 2020 ISO Audit

Maintaining ISO compliance and safe business practices remains focus throughout COVID-19 pandemic.


SAY Plastics is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the Design, Thermoforming and Assembly of Plastic Products and recently completed a successful surveillance audit with our ISO partner, Performance Review Institute (PRI) Registrar.

An affiliate of SAE International with world headquarters in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, PRI is recognized as a premier registrar for quality, aerospace, environmental, and safety registrations. They help organizations around the world realize their potential through the development of management systems and management systems certification.

SAY Plastics has been an ISO-certified organization since 2007. In 2017, we changed ISO registrars and contracted with PRI to provide continuing re-certifications and audits of our quality management system.

About ISO Surveillance Audits

SAY Plastics Quality Manager Brian Fink participates in the company’s virtual ISO surveillance audit with Performance Review Institute (PRI).

ISO surveillance audits are typically conducted annually with the purpose of evaluating a company’s quality management systems and ensuring their ongoing fulfillment of ISO requirements. A surveillance audit is similar to a re-certification audit, but without the re-issuing of a certificate. Re-certification takes place every 3 years (SAY Plastics’ next re-certification audit takes place September 2022).

2020 Outcome

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, this year’s ISO surveillance audit was a different experience, with SAY Plastics conducting the audit virtually with PRI Registrar. This remote audit presented unique challenges, but with the help of our Microsoft Teams technology we were able to seamlessly communicate and successfully share all required documentation with the auditor. Our team members from each key target area were able to contribute to the effectiveness of their audited area and provide supportive evidence. The process ran smoothly overall, and audit results were flawless.

The Value of a Team Approach

Although SAY Plastics has always passed our ISO evaluations with flying colors, our team is committed to continually improving our quality controls and processes to better exceed our customers’ requirements. Leading our quality management system processes is Brian Fink, SAY Plastics Quality Manager. Brian has hosted several successful ISO surveillance and re-certification audits over the years, with our highly skilled and well-trained employees being key contributors to our successes.

Another reason behind the success we achieve with our ISO reviews is that we conduct our own full quality management system reviews by means of internal auditing, lead by Brian Fink and Erich Kaintz, Vice President of Business Development. Each day, without fault, we continue to improve the work we do for our valued customers.

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Technology for Today – A Look Inside Our Virtual 3D First Article Process

SAY Plastics employees working onsite use Microsoft Teams technology to communicate virtually with remote colleagues.

Ready or not, COVID-19 forced many businesses, some literally overnight, to implement a remote work-from-home plan for their employees and pause all face-to-face interactions with colleagues and customers.

The pressure to find the right virtual communications tools and put them into action was real, and many organizations are still struggling with learning curves and technology adoption.

For SAY Plastics, however, the transition to working remotely and connecting virtually with our partners has been seamless – thanks to the virtual technologies that have been part of our day-to-day operations for the past several years.

Business as Usual

As a business that falls under the Plastics Product Manufacturing industry in the state of Pennsylvania, SAY Plastics is deemed a life-sustaining business and has continued operations and production without interruption. We are carefully following the recommended CDC guidelines to keep all our employees safe.

Our life-sustaining business status, paired with our “not so new” virtual environments, means we have been able to deliver exceptional project management and client services during this remarkable global pandemic.

Embracing Technology

Virtual meetings are not a new concept at SAY Plastics. We have utilized a number of popular platforms over the years including GoToMeeting, Skype, and presently Microsoft Teams. Our customers just need a computer or smartphone and our team can quickly set up a seamless virtual meeting that is productive and free of frustrating technical glitches.

Although in-person meetings may still happen as merited by the customer or project, virtual meetings have the flexibility to take on many different roles – whether it’s a discovery meeting, schedule review, or budget discussion. Not only can a virtual meeting save time and cut down on travel expenses, but it can provide a more detailed look at the meeting information and drive greater collaboration as compared to a large, in-person meeting.

Virtual 3D First Articles

A 2019 Virtual 3D First Article meeting with SAY Plastics team members and a customer.

One fantastic success story that shows how SAY Plastics has embraced technology for better project outcomes is our Virtual 3D First Article meeting experience.

Since 2016, Virtual First Articles have been the standard process for design reviews for our ClasSAY global surface protection solutions. Using virtual first articles instead of physical first articles requires no tooling or wait time for sample production, saving customers substantial time and money –among other advantages.

For presentation of ClasSAY global’s SAYshield products, our engineering team presents design solutions in 3D CAD models overlaid on the car’s body panels. The car manufacturer’s engineering team can evaluate the coverage provided by our design and determine potential interferences during the assembly process. Potential issues can be addressed at the design phase before any tools for the final product are even cut.

For presentation of ClasSAY global SAYshield body protection panels such as these, our engineering team virtually presents design solutions to customers in 3D CAD models overlaid on the car’s body panels.

While it was originally developed for our automotive customers, our Virtual 3D First Article technology is now used with many of our customers across several different industries like medical and the bus and rail markets.

“Our virtual first article process is a great example of how SAY Plastics has embraced technology to advance not just project development, but also collaboration between us, our customers, and our suppliers. And considering current world events, it’s reassuring to know we can continue to deliver great work by moving quickly and accurately within the virtual world,” shares Louis Smith, President of SAY Plastics.

To learn more about how SAY Plastics can utilize virtual technology for your next project, connect with our team at or 717-633-6333.

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The Benefits to Partnering with an ISO-Certified Company

At SAY Plastics, we want our customers and potential customers to be confident about the thermoplastic solutions we design and manufacture. One of the biggest ways we earn their confidence and trust is through our standing as an ISO-certified organization.

Thermoformed Window Mask

Re-design through assembly of FRP to Thermoformed Window Mask requires stringent Quality System Management

In 4Q 2019, SAY Plastics was re-certified for ISO 9001:2015. The scope of the re-certification includes the Design, Thermoforming, and Assembly of Plastic Products.

Maintaining our current ISO certification serves 2 main objectives:

First, it assures that as a company we continue to manage our processes for accuracy and efficiency.

Second, ISO re-certification gives our customers the confidence that SAY Plastics conforms to the highest quality management principles which result in customer projects that are produced to specification, delivered on-time, and competitively priced.

The Process for ISO Re-Certification

Every 3 years, ISO requires certified companies to undergo reassessment to validate that its Quality Management System (QMS) abides by the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The validation process includes a full evaluation of the effectiveness of a company’s QMS relating to its various functions and processes.

Design Review Meeting

Design Review – diverse expert input strengthens quality results

Unlike typical ISO audits, recertification for ISO 9001:2015 requires that each process be dissected with proof of supporting documentation.

SAY Plastics underwent an intense 2-day audit covering sales, purchasing, production, quality, design, and leadership. Following the audit, we were re-certified.

The Benefits of Working with an ISO-Certified Partner

What are the benefits of working with SAY Plastics, an ISO-certified organization? There are many:

Design for Thermoforming and Assembly Quality validation
The inclusion of ISO certification for Design, Thermoforming, and Assembly of Plastic Products is distinctive for SAY Plastics, as many of our competitors do not have this addendum.

SAY Plastics’ ISO 9001:2015 certification assures that our quality process management is carried throughout our value-added design and assembly involvement, as well as throughout our manufacturing functions.

Project requirements are consistently met
Working with our ISO-certified team ensures that key project requirements are consistently met. Products are accurately designed and manufactured to specifications, quality is reliable, and on-time delivery to the customer is achieved.

A Structured Training Program leads to Processing Quality Management

There’s greater control and management of internal processes
As an ISO-certified company, we maintain close control over our internal process. This includes the management of design functions, materials, component suppliers, production methods, and more. The end result is greater efficiency for the company and a better quality product for the customer.

Project waste is minimized
As previously mentioned, two key components of ISO certification relate to organizational efficiency and continuous improvement. Having less waste – be it time, cost, or materials – is one of the benefits of that efficiency and the long-term focus on improvement.

Customer satisfaction is the norm
Customer satisfaction and loyalty manifest as a result of reliable product quality, consistent on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and transparency of design modifications and approvals. And SAY Plastics’ dedication to working as a partner with our customers and keeping the lines of communication open with timely feedback also helps solidify the customer/supplier relationship.

The Benefits We Experience as an ISO-Certified Company

Our valued customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from our status as an ISO-certified company. There are also internal benefits to our valued employees.

As a company, we benefit from exposure to a larger and higher-quality pool of potential customers. These are companies that value certified suppliers and their capabilities and creative design and manufacturing solutions.

And as a result of our company’s efficient, productive, and successful performance, we have the benefit of experiencing great employee morale and a strong company culture.

Learn more about SAY Plastics’ commitment to quality – click here.


Contact SAY Plastics Today

If your organization is experiencing unmet quality and service from your current suppliers, or if you’re open to exploring the use of new materials for your parts – such as metal to plastic conversion – give us a call or send us an email.

We’ll explore if thermoforming could be a better process for manufacturing your particular part. And if thermoforming isn’t the best solution, we’ll tell you that.

To learn more, connect with us at or 717-633-6333.

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SAY Plastics Wins Silver in SPE Parts Competition

The 27th Annual Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoforming Conference took place Sept. 9-11 in Milwaukee, WI and SAY Plastics brought home an award from the event’s prestigious Parts Competition.

The competition showcases the latest advances in thermoforming design and application across several award categories. SAY Plastics’ entry – a commercial hot water heater door for Intellihot – received the Silver Award in the Cut-Sheet Heavy Gauge Vacuum Forming category.

With an aggressive production schedule and stringent project requirements, SAY Plastic applied their engineering expertise, proprietary SAYtooling System, and 3D printing capabilities to design and produce a thermoplastic solution that replaced a stamped metal design.

SAY Plastics’ award-winning project will be featured in an upcoming issue of SPE Thermoforming Quarterly® magazine.

For photos and to learn more about the Intellihot project, download our new Case Study.

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Case Study: Deep Draw Thermoforming Delivers Sweet Solution to World’s #1 Confectioner

SAY Plastics is pleased to share our latest case study for the Food Industry.

For this project, our team worked with the #1 confectionary company in the world to create a custom-thermoformed material handling solution for two of their top-selling candies.

Read more to see how our thermoforming engineering expertise and SAYpack Service offering met the challenge with flying colors.

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SAY Plastics Featured in Plastics Technology Magazine

SAY Plastics was the focus of a recent article in Plastics Technology magazine. The article discusses how our SAY Plastics team pushes the product development engineering envelope with the help of Mastercam CAD/CAM software to find creative solutions that significantly expand our thermoforming capabilities. SAY Plastics’ programmer Jonathan Fake and engineering manager Thomas Slaybaugh were interviewed for the piece.

To read the full article, click here.

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Expansion Initiatives Pave Way for Growth at SAY Plastics

To accommodate recent growth and forecasted 2019 growth, SAY Plastics announced it has made several key investments centered around technology, operational excellence and workforce development.

Click photo to see SAY Plastics’ recent expansion initiatives

These investments in capacity expansion have helped the company foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement and learning – hallmarks which the company has been recognized for by both customers and industry colleagues.

As part of the expansion, SAY Plastics announced the following milestones:


  • An additional 5 Axis CNC Router with 10 position tool changer
  • New advancements in Forming Machine controls and zoned Ceramic Oven technology
  • Upgrades to ERP and Manufacturing Software systems

Operational Excellence

  • Plant layout enhancements to support cellular manufacturing flow – including arrangement of equipment into a processing sequence for forming, trimming and assembly
  • Employee cross-training for flexibility and a multi-skilled workforce across different manufacturing processes 

Workforce Development

Ron Staub, VP and General Manager at SAY Plastics, shared “The investments made over the past year have greatly increased our capacity and our ability to deliver high customer satisfaction. We’re well-prepared for the continued momentum we’re experiencing, and we’re confident in our team’s ability to provide innovative thermoplastic solutions that are of the highest quality and value.”

SAY Plastics’ latest technology and equipment purchases took place earlier this year and are now complete, and new team members were welcomed throughout 2018 and are now in place. The new cellular plant layout is currently underway, along with new technical training for employees.

Want to learn more about how thermoforming can benefit your organization? Contact SAY Plastics to see our expansion efforts first-hand and to meet our newest team members. Call 717-633-3333 or email Ron Staub at

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SAY Plastics Recognized for Technology Excellence

SAY Plastics was recently announced as a winner of MANTEC’s 2018 Excellence in Manufacturing Awards. MANTEC is South Central PA’s leading manufacturing training & certification provider.

Ron Staub, SAY Plastics VP and General Manager, pictured first on the left receiving MANTEC's Excellence in Manufacturing Technology award.

Ron Staub, SAY Plastics VP and General Manager, pictured first on the left receiving MANTEC’s Excellence in Manufacturing Technology award.

Awards were given to manufacturers that have demonstrated a commitment to improving business through Smart Manufacturing in the categories of: Operational Excellence & Quality; Growth & Innovation; Technology; and Workforce Development.

This year SAY Plastics took home top honors in the Technology category. The award went to the finalist that best accelerated opportunities which leverage and adopt manufacturing technology.  Other category finalists included ACCO Brands, Phoenix Contact, Four Seasons Produce and York Imperial Plastics.

The main initiatives behind this award for SAY Plastics include the company’s SAYtooling System and the use of 3D printed components in collaboration with thermoforming processing.

The SAYtooling System strategy involves tooling design and materials developed around required process and production applications to achieve the most cost-effective project results. This unique engineering-focused process allows SAY Plastics to effectively and affordably produce small part runs. Learn more about the SAYtooling System.

SAY Plastics’ 3D printing initiatives have effectively produced component parts for value-added assembly and prototype development parts. Read about SAY Plastics’ investment in 3D technology here.

Louis Smith, President of SAY Plastics, shared “Our organization has always focused on continuous improvement throughout all areas of our company, and technology is no exception. Our excellence in manufacturing technology helps drive higher quality, greater responsiveness, cost avoidance, and better process capabilities and product development. It’s an honor to be recognized by MANTEC for these efforts.”

To connect with the SAY Plastics team for engineering assistance, or to submit an RFQ, contact us at 717-633-6333 or

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SAY Plastics Goes Global for Idea Development & Innovation

When machinery builders, material suppliers, toolmakers and processors from around the globe met earlier this year in Rome, Italy to further their knowledge and applications of thermoformed plastics, SAY Plastics was there.

Commercial Heater Door Assembly

SAY Plastics was one of 149 organizations from 31 countries that participated in the 11th European Thermoforming Conference, hosted by the Society of Plastics Engineers – European Thermoforming Division. The global event drew participants from Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America.

Attendees gain valuable insights into the industry’s latest technologies, markets and competition and have the unique opportunity to collaborate with peers and customers on a global scale.

“As a North American company, it’s important to remember that thermoforming is a globally recognized engineered plastic process. There are exciting industry advancements happening throughout the world, and by expanding our international alliances and exchanging information and insights on a global level, we can develop greater ideas and innovation for our customers,” shares Louis Smith, President of SAY Plastics.

This year SAY Plastics was honored to have the only North America entries featured in the conference’s technical parts exhibit. The exhibit showcases a wide range of new product developments from leading thermoforming suppliers. Our ClasSAY global ISD components for automotive assembly damage protection solutions were featured, as well as a hot water heater door assembly manufactured for the HVAC market.

Foam Laminated ISD Shielding

Foam Laminated ISD Shielding

Participating in the European Thermoforming Conference is just one example of how SAY Plastics embraces a collaborative, global approach to the thermoforming. We value how much our clients benefit from the diversity of thought that’s generated from global participation in the industry.

If you’re feeling underserved by your current thermoforming supplier, connect with SAY Plastics. Our experienced team can offer engineering and manufacturing expertise to give you a competitive edge.

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SAY Plastics Achieves Continued Certification for ISO 9001:2015

SAY Plastics recently announced that it earned continued accreditation for ISO 9001:2015.

Issued through the Performance Review Institute (PRI) Registrar, SAY Plastics received the accreditation for demonstrating their ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications.

“SAY Plastics has demonstrated its commitment to world-class quality by continuing certification to the ISO 9001 standard. They are one of an elite number of organizations worldwide that have achieved certification to this globally-recognized quality standard,” said Randy Daugharthy, Director of the Registrar Program at the PRI Registrar. “We are proud to partner with SAY Plastics in this accomplishment and look forward to continued support of their objective of quality excellence.”

Click here to learn more about SAY Plastics’ ongoing commitment to quality and to view their ISO Certificate.

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