SAYtooling System

say-cutting-woodSAY Plastics offers a very industry unique approach through our tooling development system. The SAYtooling System provides a cost-effective entry for new product development and start-up projects, as well as for low and medium-volume programs.

The SAYtooling System has delivered 50% faster lead times for customers with cost savings of 30% and greater. But the SAYtooling System doesn’t stop there. Our 100+ combined years of production tooling design, coupled with our global sourcing for outstanding high-production aluminum molds when necessary, completes our total innovative offering.

The SAYtooling System approach begins with an overall evaluation to determine the best approach for the project, and ends with a highly innovative tooling development plan. We carefully assess the material to be formed, its processing characteristics, project type (start up, low-production, high-production), cosmetic requirements, tooling budget, timeline and other program parameters.

The material options and general application considerations include:

  • High density foam – for prototype molds and patterns
  • Urethane tooling board (REN) – for small to medium part and run sizes
  • Cast Urethane and cast epoxy – for small part size and runs
  • Syntactic – for small to medium part size and runs
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) of epoxy or polyester – large part, small to medium run sizes
  • Ceramic – large size and medium to large run sizes
  • Aluminum – large run sizes, and part material characteristics

The SAYtooling System also includes knowing how to process these unique tooling materials for best practice results. The key elements for superior forming results include mold and sheet temperature management, vacuum and venting control, cycle times (heating, cooling, de-molding), and pre and post-forming handling of material and components.

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The SAYtooling System isn’t a marketing slogan – it’s a proven alternative to reduce tooling investment fear and risk while meeting your rapid ROI requirements. Contact us anytime for references and additional information.