Project Spotlight – Thermoplastic Bathroom System

SAY Plastics and its ClasSAY global service group have a long-standing reputation for delivering proven thermoformed plastics solutions across many diverse markets and applications. One such thermoforming solution we had the opportunity to collaborate on was an innovative bathroom fixture system designed for disabled individuals who are living at home.

Collaborating with a thermoplastic sheet manufacturer and the creator of the patented bathroom system, SAY Plastics manufactured the customizable bathing product. The system is made from a thermoplastic alloy sheet and consists of nine formed parts. The main feature is a shower bench assembly that combines the seating area for both the toilet and shower into one convenient space. The alternative tooling methods offered by SAY Plastics through their SAYtooling System provided high-quality cosmetic parts within a manageable tooling budget.

The application for this innovative thermoformed bathroom system not only demands reliability and solid performance, but also gives disabled individuals and their caregivers a greater amount of space and functionality they did not have prior to the bathroom system installation.

You can read more about this project here. If your company has a similar project in the works that you’d like to discuss, contact SAY Plastics by phone or email anytime.

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