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Advancing Precision, Speed and Quality: SAY Plastics Acquires New CMM Technology

Advancing Precision, Speed and Quality:
SAY Plastics Acquires New CMM Technology

Manufacturers should always be focused on improving their processes and investing in new technologies that enhance their capabilities and deliver exceptional results for their customers. And thermoforming manufacturers are no exception.

As part of our strategic continuous improvement efforts, SAY Plastics is excited to announce our recent acquisition of new FARO® CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) technology at our thermoforming facility in McSherrystown, PA.

Investing in this cutting-edge equipment helps keep SAY at the forefront of our industry – enabling us to better serve customers who are increasingly under pressure to optimize product performance and accelerate their time to market.

What is a CMM?

A CMM machine is a 3D measurement solution used for a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. It is used to precisely measure the geometric characteristics of a physical object by utilizing a combination of probes and scanners. CMM capabilities allow manufacturers to efficiently verify dimensional accuracy and ensure compliance with design specifications.

Thermoformers must employ stringent quality control measures to ensure that final products, many of which have complex geometries, meet required specifications. Traditional QC methods involve manual measurement and inspection techniques that could be time-consuming and prone to operator/human error. A CMM provides a much more sophisticated inspection solution that delivers a number of benefits.

Some markets that can greatly benefit from the precise capabilities of CMM include medical, mass transit, and HVAC for mass transit, just to name a few.

The Advantages of FARO® CMM Technology

SAY Plastics acquired its portable CMM from FARO®, a recognized leader in 3D measurement, imaging, and realization solutions. The Quantum E MAX 3.0m is part of the FaroArm® series, which is a global standard in contact measurement arm technology.

The highly versatile, portable device offers the fastest and most detailed scanning available in today’s market and is capable of maximizing value and productivity by over 30%.

SAY Plastics also invested in FARO’s 8-Axis Max rotary worktable which virtually eliminates the need to reposition or relocate the device and helps to execute inspections in a fraction of the time.

In addition to increased productivity and maximized value, our new CMM technology delivers many other advantages:

Greater Accuracy and Precision. CMM far surpasses the capabilities of manual inspection methods. It captures and analyzes data points with exceptional accuracy, ensuring every thermoformed part meets strict dimensional tolerances and customer specifications.

Comprehensive Data Analysis. Our CMM technology generates detailed measurement reports and visual representation of our inspected parts. The data is extremely valuable – allowing us to compare our thermoformed parts to CAD models and precisely validate new tooling. Our team can further leverage data output to identify trends, detect potential issues, and make more informed decisions that help optimize our manufacturing processes.

Flexibility. The portability of the CMM arm allows our skilled technicians to perform fast, precise 3D inspection from any location within our facility.

Streamlined Operations. The ability to achieve more efficient measurements helps us reduce scrap, rework, and inspection bottlenecks.

Faster Time to Market. The integration of CMM technology into our workflow gives us the ability to quickly troubleshoot and make timely adjustments that gives us faster time to market – benefiting both us and our valued customers.

Our CMM scanning software is powered by PolyWorks®, a globally recognized 3D metrology and inspection software. It offers a diverse suite of tools for dimensional analysis, quality control, and also reverse engineering.

Get Thermoforming Excellence with SAY Plastics

Our Quality and Engineering  teams have been expertly trained on our new CMM technology and are ready to put this innovation to work for your next thermoforming project! Connect with our team today for a free consultation and see if CMM is a good fit for your application.

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