The Benefits to Partnering with an ISO-Certified Company

At SAY Plastics, we want our customers and potential customers to be confident about the thermoplastic solutions we design and manufacture. One of the biggest ways we earn their confidence and trust is through our standing as an ISO-certified organization.

Thermoformed Window Mask

Re-design through assembly of FRP to Thermoformed Window Mask requires stringent Quality System Management

In 4Q 2019, SAY Plastics was re-certified for ISO 9001:2015. The scope of the re-certification includes the Design, Thermoforming, and Assembly of Plastic Products.

Maintaining our current ISO certification serves 2 main objectives:

First, it assures that as a company we continue to manage our processes for accuracy and efficiency.

Second, ISO re-certification gives our customers the confidence that SAY Plastics conforms to the highest quality management principles which result in customer projects that are produced to specification, delivered on-time, and competitively priced.

The Process for ISO Re-Certification

Every 3 years, ISO requires certified companies to undergo reassessment to validate that its Quality Management System (QMS) abides by the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The validation process includes a full evaluation of the effectiveness of a company’s QMS relating to its various functions and processes.

Design Review Meeting

Design Review – diverse expert input strengthens quality results

Unlike typical ISO audits, recertification for ISO 9001:2015 requires that each process be dissected with proof of supporting documentation.

SAY Plastics underwent an intense 2-day audit covering sales, purchasing, production, quality, design, and leadership. Following the audit, we were re-certified.

The Benefits of Working with an ISO-Certified Partner

What are the benefits of working with SAY Plastics, an ISO-certified organization? There are many:

Design for Thermoforming and Assembly Quality validation
The inclusion of ISO certification for Design, Thermoforming, and Assembly of Plastic Products is distinctive for SAY Plastics, as many of our competitors do not have this addendum.

SAY Plastics’ ISO 9001:2015 certification assures that our quality process management is carried throughout our value-added design and assembly involvement, as well as throughout our manufacturing functions.

Project requirements are consistently met
Working with our ISO-certified team ensures that key project requirements are consistently met. Products are accurately designed and manufactured to specifications, quality is reliable, and on-time delivery to the customer is achieved.

A Structured Training Program leads to Processing Quality Management

There’s greater control and management of internal processes
As an ISO-certified company, we maintain close control over our internal process. This includes the management of design functions, materials, component suppliers, production methods, and more. The end result is greater efficiency for the company and a better quality product for the customer.

Project waste is minimized
As previously mentioned, two key components of ISO certification relate to organizational efficiency and continuous improvement. Having less waste – be it time, cost, or materials – is one of the benefits of that efficiency and the long-term focus on improvement.

Customer satisfaction is the norm
Customer satisfaction and loyalty manifest as a result of reliable product quality, consistent on-time deliveries, competitive pricing, and transparency of design modifications and approvals. And SAY Plastics’ dedication to working as a partner with our customers and keeping the lines of communication open with timely feedback also helps solidify the customer/supplier relationship.

The Benefits We Experience as an ISO-Certified Company

Our valued customers aren’t the only ones who benefit from our status as an ISO-certified company. There are also internal benefits to our valued employees.

As a company, we benefit from exposure to a larger and higher-quality pool of potential customers. These are companies that value certified suppliers and their capabilities and creative design and manufacturing solutions.

And as a result of our company’s efficient, productive, and successful performance, we have the benefit of experiencing great employee morale and a strong company culture.

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