SAY Plastics Goes Global for Idea Development & Innovation

When machinery builders, material suppliers, toolmakers and processors from around the globe met earlier this year in Rome, Italy to further their knowledge and applications of thermoformed plastics, SAY Plastics was there.

Commercial Heater Door Assembly

SAY Plastics was one of 149 organizations from 31 countries that participated in the 11th European Thermoforming Conference, hosted by the Society of Plastics Engineers – European Thermoforming Division. The global event drew participants from Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and North America.

Attendees gain valuable insights into the industry’s latest technologies, markets and competition and have the unique opportunity to collaborate with peers and customers on a global scale.

“As a North American company, it’s important to remember that thermoforming is a globally recognized engineered plastic process. There are exciting industry advancements happening throughout the world, and by expanding our international alliances and exchanging information and insights on a global level, we can develop greater ideas and innovation for our customers,” shares Louis Smith, President of SAY Plastics.

This year SAY Plastics was honored to have the only North America entries featured in the conference’s technical parts exhibit. The exhibit showcases a wide range of new product developments from leading thermoforming suppliers. Our ClasSAY global ISD components for automotive assembly damage protection solutions were featured, as well as a hot water heater door assembly manufactured for the HVAC market.

Foam Laminated ISD Shielding

Foam Laminated ISD Shielding

Participating in the European Thermoforming Conference is just one example of how SAY Plastics embraces a collaborative, global approach to the thermoforming. We value how much our clients benefit from the diversity of thought that’s generated from global participation in the industry.

If you’re feeling underserved by your current thermoforming supplier, connect with SAY Plastics. Our experienced team can offer engineering and manufacturing expertise to give you a competitive edge.

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